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Clan Wars 2.0 starts Wed. Aug 19th!!!

Kaibee / Aug 17, 2015
The New Global Map will be divided into separate regions called Fronts, each with a custom border, set of provinces, battle rules, and available tiers. Unlike the old Map, Clans will be able to choose the vehicle tier they fight with, and each Front will have a different team size according to the tier. Now, Clans without top tanks that previously only dreamed of landing on the Global Map will be able to do this, even with low-tier tanks.

The New Global Map will launch with the following Fronts:

Rocky Mountains: Tier VI
Appalachian Front: Tier VIII
Sierra Madre: Tier X

The Fronts' geography will cover territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. In comparison with the OBT, the number of provinces on the New Global Map will be increased to more than 800. However, the number of provinces can change based on the level of activity on the Map.


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