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wake up!

This is a wake up call to CB! we need to be active and paying attention to this page again, to discuss our future. please post here if you are interested in CW or Skirmishes, also Tourneys. we are an active clan, lets use the website to get tog...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Kaibee122134Small NR 3y
General Discussion


Congratulations! Your clan now holds position 3 in "Rating" ranking within the The Rocky Mountains-07-053 territory.
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Charlito0634Small Charlito 3y
General Discussion

hey hosers

Are ya blowin stuff up? Are ya killin bad guys in tanks?funtimes.just wanted to stop by and see if this works...Salute
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General Discussion

Saturday morning strongholds

Hey guys and gals (do we have any gals?) of Crimson Blade, I'm setting up a Saturday morning stronghold group. I plan on starting on the 19th of September at around 9:00am MST. We will be focusing on tier six light/fast tank tactics with an eye ...
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General Discussion

62 Gratz

Just want to say Gratz to all my clan mates for hitting the rank of 62!!!, Next up top 50 Let's do it.
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For all of you that do not know but in order to keep our Provinces and to raise the gold up we need to be doing a lot of them. So if you see an invite for them please join up. If you wan't to try your hand in calling that is the best time to do s...
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On Track Missions

Does anyone do these?On Track missions start every two weeks and concentrate on a particular tank tree working towards a particular tier X tank. All tanks within the specific tank tree are on sale during the On Track period. As long as you play ...
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General Discussion

Flying VK from Strongholds 8-17

Check it out. Your text to link here...
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General Discussion

Clan Wars Attack?

I was wondering should we try and coordinate a massive attack on Order like three attacks at once? What do you think Kaibee?
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General Discussion

Tell me what you think

I was messing around with pictures today and figured I'd try doing something with the CB logo so tell me what y'all think.Something didn't look right to me on the hilt picture so I did another one so here it is.
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General Discussion

5th Anniversary Tournament Tier 5 Aug 14-15

Post in this thread if interested. To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of World of Tanks, we're holding a special tournament series, with each tournament offering 3,500 to first place winners! A Type 59 will also be awarded to players who earn the mo...
Small Kaibee 4y
Kaibee111152Small Kweeg 4y

The Lemming Train, To join or not to join? That is the question

Personally I seem to see many games with "The Lemming Train". I fear that most will agree. My strat is to allow the first ones in the train to drive in single file and die so I can use their hulls for cover. What's your strat to deal with this phe...
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Rinski2318Small ElderDragon11 4y
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